Hosted Exchange 2010

Hosted Exchange 2010 is a business-class email solution. Where you can have full control of your email communications. Customer service is absolutely critical in order retain customers, improve customer service and more importantly sales. Hosted Exchange 2010 is a cloud-based email solution. Where all your e-mails are stored in a highly secure data centre. Never before have business professionals have the opportunity to streamline their business communications and increase productivity.

Hosted Exchange Business Class Email

Security is a critical component of any business.  Making sure that all your files are safe and secure is a very-wise decision. Hosted Exchange 2010 is a high availability structure,that offers an SLA (service level agreement) to ensure that your emails are accessible as and when you need them.  A majority of Hosted Exchange solutions are dual hosted, so in the event of a server failure, the back-up server will kick into place.

Business Class Email Gone Mobile

Hosted Exchange also is availble on most smartphones including: Apple iPhone, Google Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and even the Apple iPad. Wherever you maybe, Hosted Exchange allows you to send and receive emails in real-time.

Hosted Exchange gives you the freedom to work anywhere as and when to suit your needs.

Essential Removals

Providers of professional packing and removals services throughout the UK and Europe – we provide the dedicated manpower as well as the packaging materials, if required. And if you don’t want an item moved straight away, we’ll store it for you. Regardless of the location or the size of the job, we can help.

Essential Removals have a professional removals business website developed by atmmultimedia.

Green Futures Grimsby

Green Futures Grimsby site is a community business working with people of all ages in the Greater Grimsby area to create a sustainable, green future for us all.

vanson10Together we are able to grow food for the local community, improve our environment, create new jobs, and enhance everyone’s quality of life. We can transform gardens, under-used land, and public green-spaces into a productive food resource which benefits the whole community and the local economy.

We believe in cultivating more than just plants! We want to grow trust, creativity, honesty, respect and mutual support as we build on the foundations of the past to create an exciting future.

Andy Gammon

Andy Gammon is a passionate guitarist who originally is from Lincolnshire. Now based in London, Andy Gammon is providing guitar lessons and plays in a variety of bands and gigs in London and Lincolnshire.

The Andy Gammon website contains a variety of interactive content, including audio players, image galleries and even a email newsletter.

For more information visit:Andy Gammon.

Go Grand Bornand

Le Grand Bornand is a beautiful mountain town based in the French Alps where thousands of ski lovers visit every winter. In the summer time, Le Grand Bornand is famous for paragliding, mountain biking, white water rafting and also the “Tour De France”.

This website is continuously being updated with information on Le Grand Bornand, Skiing, Snowboarding and outdoor sports.

For more information visit the: Go Grand Bornand website.

Six Degrees of Separation & The Power Of Linkedin

Building your contact list with Linkedin

Back in 2008, I was invited to a work related conference. Somebody mentioned the six degrees of separation. This theory discusses  how we can be connected to anyone in the world through at the very most 6 people. As the conversation proceeded the lady given us an example. She said: “So within 6 people you could know David Bowie”.  I was amazed, because I know someone who knows David Bowie through this theory. According to this theory, this is how I could contact David Bowie.

  1. My father knows a businessman
  2. The businessman has a painting of David Bowie on his wall
  3. The businessman has the met the person who sold him the painting
  4. The person who sold him the painting would know the artist
  5. The artist painted David Bowie and of course, would have met David Bowie

This is how we network. Anybody who is in business and including us bloggers must maximise any networking opportunities. There are variety of ways to meet and communicate with people including: conferences, events, meetings and by using Linkedin.

Why use Linkedin?

Linkedin is the biggest business networking site. It is a wonderful site where millions of business people are online. You can network with people all other the world on Linkedin. In business today: “it is not what you know, it is who you know”. Networking is a vital component for anyone in business. Networking with other business minded people can generate opportunities. I am a fan of opportunities and I am sure you are. Here are some of the benefits of using Linkedin.

  1. Linkedin is a great place to show your CV and your portfolio.
    If you are looking for a job or business ventures a majority of employers do use Linkedin as their first port of call. Linkedin has a feature to search for jobs. This is handy for those looking for work too.  Plus if you have worked with people in your Linkedin network you are able to ask for recommendations. This is a nice way of building a dynamic CV.
  2. Looking for help
    If you are stuck on something there is always going to be someone that has the answer. Linkedin is great for asking for help from a professional in your chosen field. I’ve asked questions from some of the top people in my field and they are very helpful and friendly. I was surprised, but the people at the top want to help as well. If you are passionate about their niche and take an interest people are more than happy to help.
  3. Generate traffic to your blog or website
    Linkedin has features to link to your WordPress blog and this provides more exposure to your Linkedin connections. The key is to spread the word about your business as much as possible. Linkedin is a great opportunity to do this as it is aimed directly at your target market.
  4. Potential of more sales
    Business people know other business people and the potential to know people that need your services.Networking is vital.

Do you use Linkedin at all? If not, it is worth investing some time into creating an account. If anyone wants to network with me on Linkedin please feel free to do so. I look forward to hearing from you.

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